Is changing posture just a waste of time ?

Posture matters a little, but not a lot. Most “poor posture” is just bad ergonomics and postural strain—a different problem. Postures that do harm and have easy fixes are rare; many postures are the result of long-term adaptations and nearly impossible to change.

Although many people do seem to be vulnerable to postural strain, but they have a problem with vulnerability, not posture. If your main issue is unexplained or stubborn aches and pains, working on posture is NOT the best way to spend your time: just get more exercise generally, especially tasks that require coordination, and anything you enjoy.

“Advanced” methods taught by posture gurus are mostly highly experimental and over-priced.This brings us to the question why would anyone choose to correct their posture,” says Dr Eyal Lederman, an osteopath and honorary senior lecturer at University College London’s Institute of Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Science.

“To date, all the research has shown that there is NO relationship between any postural factors, including the shape and curves of the back, asymmetries and even the way we use our spine to that of developing back pain.”

There is NO relationship between sitting and developing back pain. Therefore Professor O’Sullivans  advice is equally direct. “If you don’t have back pain, then do not give your posture one second’s thought – think about being healthy. Sleep deprivation and stress are more important than the lifting you do. Stress has a strong inflammatory role; it can make muscles tense. Most people don’t get that their back can become sore if they are sleep deprived.”

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