Osteopath does Breca Gower 2018

On the  7-8th July 2018
in the Gower near Swansea, South Wales Jonathan Rothery Director of Rothery Health here in Saundersfoot took part in the iconic Breca Swim/Run.Swimrunning is all about equipment experimentation and trying new ideas. Almost anything goes in the race,just so long as you carry what you have for swimming & running with you from start to finish and it’s not motor-powered!

Breca Gower 2018 was a hot, beautiful weekend of swimrun racing! The weekend’s forecast was for air temperatures of 26-27°c, light winds and sea temperatures as high as 18°c.

John explained that due to the heat  they had to plan the race accordingly:

– adjusting the pace for the conditions
– hydrating properly at the checkpoints
– paying attention to his teammate & business partner Andrew Wallace from Swim Pembrokeshire

The race involved swimming  5k & running 37k across Wales’s iconic Gower peninsula (with 18 transitions & 9 swims) like never before exploring limestone cliffs, ancient woodlands, white sand beaches and secret bays. Trail running on Gower’s spectacular and challenging coastal path and multiple ocean swims made the Breca Gower a true swimrun test and an “unforgettable experience” John said .

They are both now looking forward to doing Breca Scilly islands off the coast of Cornwall