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Should I exercise with back pain?

10 Evidence based facts about back pain and Exercise !!! 1 /Exercise is helpful for back pain Staying as active as possible and returning to all usual activities gradually is very important in aiding recovery. You can start by doing some gentle activity and then increase your levels when you feel confident to do so. […]

10 facts about sleep and back pain

10 facts about your sleep patterns and back pain 1 Poor sleep can be a cause of persistent pain in healthy people Poor sleep increases risk of developing pain. While many realise that being in pain can cause poor sleep, studies now show that poor sleep among people without any pain at all also increases […]

When Is spine surgery an emergency?

Thanks  The vast majority of spine surgery procedures to treat severe back pain and/or leg pain are elective by the patient .However, there are a few symptoms that are possible indications of a serious medical condition, and patients with these symptoms should seek emergency medical care ASAP . These symptoms include: 1/Sudden bowel and/or bladder […]

What is frozen shoulder ?

Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects your shoulder joint. It usually involves pain and stiffness that develops gradually, gets worse and then finally goes away. This can take anywhere from a year to 3 years. Your shoulder is made up of three bones that form a ball-and-socket joint. They are your upper arm (humerus), […]

Painful shoulder?

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles and their tendons. It controls shoulder movement and also helps to hold your shoulder joint together. When rotator cuff tendons become inflamed or worn, it causes a painful arc or ‘impingement’ syndrome. Osteopaths or Chiropractors may use different terms to describe the same condition, such as […]

Heel Pain ?

Heel pain may well be a condition we call plantar fasciitis .What causes plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to pain and swelling. This is more likely to happen if: 1/Your feet roll inward too […]

Pain under the Knee Cap ?

Recently a semi professional footballer came into the clinic with pain under his knee cap.He had tight hamstrings and overdeveloped quads creating a condition known as anterior knee pain or Chondromalacia patellae . This is damage to the cartilage at the back of the kneecap (patella). The usual treatment advised is to avoid overuse of […]

Why is my neck stiff ?

Common causes of a stiff neck are a muscle strain or a soft tissue sprain or a joint lock . Examples include 1/sleeping with the neck in an awkward position 2/falling or sudden impact that pushes the Head to the side, should such as sports injuries 3/turning the head to the side repeatedly during an […]

Sports Podiatrist based in Pembrokeshire

Jamie Tilley Sports Podiatrist is based at Rothery Health and Sports Injury Clinic every Wednesday morning and will be offering runners and triathletes the opportunity to have custom insoles by Footbalance made within the clinic .Everyone’s feet are different and often our own feet differ from right to left. FootBalances foot analysis identifies your foot […]

Osteopath to attend Electrical Acupuncture course

John Rothery Principal Osteopath at Rothery Health Centre,Saundersfoot Pembrokeshire will be attending a 1 day training course in Electrical Acupuncture by the British Medical Acupuncure in June in Northwich, Cheshire. The British Medical Acupuncture Society was formed in 1980 as an association of medical practitioners interested in acupuncture. Since 2002, membership has been open to […]