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Osteopath gets selected for European Championships

John Rothery Osteopath & clinical lead at RotheryHealth in Saundersfoot,Wales was recently selected for the Medical Team for the European Touch Rugby Championships 18-21 July 18 in Nottingham ,UK. What is Touch? Touch, also known as Touch Football or Touch Rugby around the world, is a thrilling sport that allows people of all walks of […]

Osteopath does Breca Gower 2018

On the  7-8th July 2018 in the Gower near Swansea, South Wales Jonathan Rothery Director of Rothery Health here in Saundersfoot took part in the iconic Breca Swim/Run.Swimrunning is all about equipment experimentation and trying new ideas. Almost anything goes in the race,just so long as you carry what you have for swimming & running […]

Osteopath meets Superstar!

Last weekend John Rothery Principal at Rothery Health was lucky enough to meet & treat Brian Jacks former Olympic Judo player in Lincoln. Brian was on a UK tour promoting his new book “The Mindset of a Champion “ Brian Jacks after becoming the UKs best Judo player later achieved national fame for his outstanding […]

5 tips to sleep better

What are things that we can all do tonight and in the future to start getting better sleep? Well, beyond carving out a non-negotiable eight-hour sleep opportunity, there are probably at least five things that we can do. 1/try and maintain regularity. And if there’s one thing that you take away from this, it would […]

So how do I rehab my shoulder?

  The shoulder is at high risk for injury during overhead sports, in particular in throwing or hitting activities, such as baseball, tennis, handball, and volleyball. In order to create a scientific basis for the prevention of recurrent injuries in overhead athletes, four steps need to be undertaken: (1) risk factors for injury and re-injury […]

Are gel pain relief medications any good?

  NSAIDs stand for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs. A “topical” NSAID analgesic treatment is a pain relieving gel, cream, patch or spray that is applied directly to the painful part of the body. This works differently to painkillers that are taken orally which dissolve to release their ingredients into the bloodstream. Deep Relief Anti-inflammatory Gel and […]

How do I rehab my shoulder?

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that stabilize the shoulder and allow it to move. You should visualize the head of the arm bone as a golf ball, and the area of the shoulder blade as a golf tee. The rotator cuff serves as a sleeve that enables the ball to spin […]

Have I got a sports hernia?

Sports Hernia (Athletic Pubalgia) A sports hernia is a painful, soft tissue injury that occurs in the groin area. It most often occurs during sports that require sudden changes of direction or intense twisting movements. Although a sports hernia may lead to a traditional, abdominal hernia, it is a different injury. A sports hernia is […]