Neck Pain Pembrokeshire

What are the symptoms of neck pain?
Typically neck pain is focal pain in the neck which is accompanied by some discomfort with head or shoulder movement. However some cases may include:
1/Difficulty looking over your shoulder; such as reversing a car.
2/Discomfort whilst sitting at your desk
3/Altered sensation such as pins and needles, numbness in your shoulder, arm, hands and fingers
4/Neck pain may also trigger headaches, or headaches may trigger your neck pain
5/Muscle spasms or cramp like sensations in the shoulder
6/Tenderness around the back of head
7/Pain when coughing, sneezing or laughing
8/Difficulty sitting up
9/Pain under the shoulder blade

Neck pain is common in people of all ages and is often caused by how we use our necks especially in office workers.

Working all day bent over a computer, driving long distances, poor posture while standing or sitting, stress and tiredness are all factors that can cause the muscles in the neck and upper back to become tight and the joints to become stiff which can contribute to ongoing neck pain.

Sometimes  a nerve in your neck can become irritated or “trapped”  and cause pain in the arm going down into your shoulder or the hand, and may be accompanied by pins and needles and numbness.

Some headaches can be the result of tension or stiffness in the neck and upper back.

Osteoarthritis or age-related wear and tear in the neck can also cause muscular pain from the neck into the shoulder as well as some stiffness in moving the neck.

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