How do I rehab my shoulder?

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that stabilize the shoulder and allow it to move. You should visualize the head of the arm bone as a golf ball, and the area of the shoulder blade as a golf tee. The rotator cuff serves as a sleeve that enables the ball to spin and roll while remaining on the tee.

The most common rotator cuff injuries are impingements and tears.

Impingement: An impingement occurs when a rotator cuff muscle swells and cramps the space between the arm and shoulder bones, causing pinching. Muscle strain, other overuse injuries, and bone spurs are common causes of swelling.
Tear: A less common injury, a rotator cuff tear occurs when a rotator cuff tendon or muscle is torn. Most tears will not require surgery.
Repetitive, overhead motions can wear down the rotator cuff muscles and are thus a common cause of injury. This is why athletes such as cricket players frequently have shoulder issues. A traumatic injury, such as falling onto your arm, can also cause injury. Regardless of how it happens, the risk of a rotator cuff tear increases as we age and the wear on our bodies accumulates.

Speak to us at the Clinic if you have an undiagnosed shoulder injury.We are also looking at offering steroid injections at the clinic to assist in the rehab of shoulder pathologies