Osteopath meets Superstar!

Last weekend John Rothery Principal at Rothery Health was lucky enough to meet & treat Brian Jacks former Olympic Judo player in Lincoln. Brian was on a UK tour promoting his new book “The Mindset of a Champion “

Brian Jacks after becoming the UKs best Judo player later achieved national fame for his outstanding performances on the BBC programme Superstars in which he was one of the most successful competitors. Jacks dominated the British and European version of the contest from 1979 to 1980, winning four titles.

Jacks was most famous for his amazing efforts in the gymnasium, where he repeatedly set records in the “gym tests”, including 100 parallel bar dips in 60 seconds in the 1981 Challenge of the Champions, and 118 squat thrusts in the 1980 World Final.He was also very dominant in the weightlifting, canoeing and cycling events, rarely placing lower than second. Jacks was never able to win the World Superstars title, being forced to miss the 1979 event due to illness and finishing third in 1980. In 1981 he was beaten for the first time in Europe and would never again compete in Superstars.

“Brian was an absolute gent & had plenty of injuries to work on ,but was infectious was his positivity to life” john said. “I do believe he is trying to get a film about his life made which i think will be fantastic “